Rena Isen, Psy.D.

Forensic Psychologist · Media & Production Consultant

Rena Isen, Psy.D.

Forensic Psychologist

Media & Production Consultant

(615) 640-0981

Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Rena Isen is a licensed forensic psychologist with a wealth of experience and expertise. She has conducted over 400 high quality forensic evaluations with a focus on meeting rigorous legal standards and providing sound arguments for expert testimony. She has testified in multiple high-profile cases, in which her testimony was televised and discussed in the media.

Areas of Expertise and evaluation:

Media And Production Services


Get expert, science-backed information to assist in the development of your project. 

Get answers to questions, such as: How would a character with a specific mental illness respond to various situations? What symptoms would a character have after experiencing a traumatic event? What would a therapist do and say during a therapy session? How would audience members with mental illness react after watching a particular scene? What mental health assistance will the talent and/or production crew need/appreciate?

During Production

Have a psychologist onsite to assist with the mental health and emotional wellbeing of your talent and crew. I can provide brief psychological assessments, de-escalation, therapeutic check-ins, and brief therapy sessions. I can also help connect individuals to mental health resources after filming (this is especially helpful for reality TV shows). 

  • Virtual options are also available.

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